Sound Healing Practitioner, Doula & Hypnobirth Teacher

 Surrey / West Sussex / Hampshire Borders



Sound Healing is the use of the voice or instruments to apply sound to help our mind, body and soul come to a place of balance and harmony. By soothing, moving stuck energy, making space, relieving pain and tension and enabling relaxation, which aids the healing process.



Doula’s provide emotional and physical support throughout your birth journey. I support all births and all women. Helping a woman prepare for her birth and make informed choices that are right for her and her baby every step of the way.


Birth Preparation

Helping people to prepare for a positive birth experience no matter what kind of birth they have. Understanding the birth process, what enables or hinders it, how to manage the birthing environment, creating birth plans, how your birth partner can support you, knowing your birth rights and options so you can make informed decisions.



12 hour Hypnobirth course. Includes the same as the birth prep above and relaxation/breathing/visualisation/massage techniques.

4hr Refresher courses also available.


Other Therapies:

Indian Head Massage / Closing the Bones Abdominal Massage / Reiki / Traumatic Birth Recovery – 3 Step Rewind Programme






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