Positive Birth Movement Group – Fernhurst & Surrounding Areas

download (2)This group is run by Shirley Stump (Doula/Hypnobirth Teacher/Early Years Music Teacher)

Meetings are held 2nd Thursday of each month in Fernhurst and are free to attend.

Pregnant women, mothers and women planning to fall pregnant are welcome to come and share positive stories of birth.

They are a place for ALL pregnant women and mothers – regardless of their background, experience or choices – to come together and share experiences, thoughts, feelings and insight about childbirth. There is also tea and cake!

“Welcome to the Positive Birth Movement, and to our group, Positive Birth Group Fernhurst and Surrounding areas

We are a grass roots movement, spreading positivity about childbirth via a global network of hundreds of free Positive Birth groups, linked up by social media.

We believe that every woman deserves a positive birth.

We think a positive birth is one in which a woman has freedom of choice, access to accurate information, and feels in control, powerful and respected. We are a woman-centred movement and we respect all women’s human rights to choose where and how they have their baby.

We think you can birth with positivity in hospital or at home, with or without medical intervention. You can have a positive caesarean, or a positive home water birth. Positive Birth is about approaching birth realistically, having genuine choice, and feeling empowered by your experience.

Our groups are discussion groups where we value all choices, and where all views are of equal value and equally heard.

As a group we will work together to create a kind, respectful and non-judgemental atmosphere and we also agree to respect the confidentiality of those who wish to share personal information.

We are so glad to welcome you as we work together for more positive births!”

To join our page see here: https://www.facebook.com/PBMFernhurst/

For more info one PBM see here: http://www.positivebirthmovement.org/