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I am registered with the Doula UK

Birth to me is an amazing moment in a womens life, every woman deserves to be treated like a goddess. She is after all birthing another human being so should be nurtured, respected and supported during this time. If every woman receives this kind of care no matter what path her birth takes she will have a positive and empowering experience.

I want to support women to have the birth they choose, to feel their informed choices are supported. I want her to feel relaxed, safe and happy and most importantly empowered to feel she can make the right choices herself to birth her baby calmly.

I can support you on your birth journey and transition into motherhood.

I trained with Nurturing Birth as a Doula the end of 2014 and became a mentored doula April 2015 and a Recognised Birth Doula in May 2017. A Mentored Doula has completed a Doula UK approved Preparation Course and is involved in Doula UK’s Recognition Process and is involved in Doula UK’s Recognition Process

My Doula name is  Doula Mamaí, mamaí is Gaelic for mammy and pronounced “mah-may”

My services:

Recognised Birth Doula & Post Natal Doula

Doula & Hypnobirthing


Birth Rewind (For Birth Trauma)

Closing the Bones

For more details please email me

I am registered on the Doula UK website

What is a Doula?

“A Doula \DOO-luh\ is an experienced woman who offers emotional and practical support to a woman (or couple) before, during and after childbirth.

A doula believes in “mothering the mother” – enabling a woman to have the most satisfying and empowered time that she can during pregnancy, birth and the early days as a new parent. This type of support also helps the whole family to relax, adapt to and enjoy the experience.

As birth becomes ever-more medicalised there is far less continuity of care. A doula is a valuable support during the antenatal period and through the birth itself, enabling parents to make informed choices about their care, signposting relevant research-based information and being a reassuring presence.

Postnatally, she is able to provide the support that women used to expect of their families and community in times gone by. She can give confidence as the new mother learns how to respond to her baby/babies’ needs, recovers from the birth and finds her feet.”

Taken from the Nurturing Birth website: Nurturing Birth Website

Considering hiring a Doula?

Questions to ask a Prospective Birth Doula, see link:

Questions to ask a Prospective Post Natal Doula, see link:

Feedback from a Hypnobirth Clients Birth I was lucky enough to be present at:

“Shirley was present at the birth of my second daughter as we attended her hypnobirthing class.  We were happy to have her there as had built up a good relationship and thought it was a bonus to have a doula.  She spent time with us beforehand to work out how best to support us, and made it very clear she was happy to help in any way and we could tell her what to do if needed! During the labour and birth, Shirley was very helpful as she was able to support me (light touch massage and holding hands during surges) when needed so my husband could do other things (organise childcare, speak with midwives, fill pool etc..).  This really helped me progress as I could focus on my labour knowing everything else was being covered.  She also came up with a lots of helpful tips and ideas which were really useful at the time, especially when things were taking time to progress e.g. certain positions to try, spoonful of honey for energy, trying light touch massage at certain times, support with breathing techniques….  Overall it was a bonus to have Shirley present, she is very knowledgeable but also knows how best to use that to help the situation.  She was always very thoughtful in how she interacted with us (before and during) and always felt helpful and not obtrusive in any way.” Joanna Diss.
Contact Shirley for more details:  / 07970 202 473

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One comment

  1. Frances · May 5, 2015

    I gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Easter Sunday 2014 at 42 weeks pregnant. At 40 weeks I was automatically booked in to Hospital for an induction. I was not asked but told!
    I felt very well and happy and decided to call the hospital to cancel the induction and expressed I would like nature to take its course.
    I was asked to attend a scan to monitor my baby to which I agreed.
    During my scan there was no conversation and asked if everything thing was ok? The reply I got was … ” the consultant will speak to you, wait outside”.
    The consultant told me off for cancelling my induction and asked if I wanted to leave the hospital without a baby.. I sobbed and was told to stop my nonsense and have a sweep and rebook my induction.
    As you can imagine I was beside myself and went home worried that I had put my baby at risk.
    My sister Shirley called and I explained what happened.. She came over to me in a flash and did some hypnobirthing on me… Shirley explained how to relax and breath… This put me at great ease.. I felt powerful and an overwhelness of self belief and calmness.
    Shirley read out other stories and facts regarding births and with all the information she discussed with me. Myself and his hand made an informed choice and felt confident in our decision.
    I returned to the hospital to ask them to monitor myself and baby but no induction… Guess what? He was born naturally and I will never forget all the love and support from Shirley. You are a wonderful person and Doula and I wish you all the many many beautiful births to come. I will never forget your kind , loving , nothing is too much attitude! Your one in a million xx

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