Womens Circle Night Pastures

Women Circle Evenings

 £12 per person and £8 for under 18yrs



We have set up a womens circle to meet up with local women each month who want to come to enjoy each others company, to sing, dance, create and socialise together.

Each month we have a different woman share her skills such as meditation, singing, making music, drumming, dance, craft, and discussions and talks based around us wonderful women.

We have so many ideas of what we would like to do with our womens circle and open to hearing everyones suggestions too.

So if you have a skill you would like to share or know a suitable facilitator and also to join the monthly list then please get in touch womenscirclenightpastures@gmail.com

Evening plan

7pm – 7.30pm Arrive and settle

7.30pm – 9pm Facilitator leads for 90 mins

9pm – 9.50pm Time to eat, drink and chat

9.50pm – 10pm Tidy up please take your rubbish away.


Please join our facebook page: Womens Circle Night Pastures Facebook page

Facilitators so far:

Alexia Magdalena (Meditation & Singing) http://www.alexiamagdalena.com

Anna Tabbush (Folk singer) http://www.annatabbush.com/

Shirley Stump (Lifemusic) Guild of Lifemusicians

Mary Atkinson http://www.maryatkinson.com/ (September 2016)

Katie Rose http://www.therosewindow.org/ (7th October 2016)

Rachel Upton, healer, teacher and facilitator  (4th November 2016)

Gina Marjoram http://ginamarjoram.com/ Art Teacher (9th December 2016)

Angie A, Professional singer  http://www.angie-a.co.uk/ (13th January 2017)

Lyn Gerald, Community musician, professional singer & songwriter You tube clip of Lyn (3rd of February 2017)

Roshi Nasehi (singer, composer and sound artist) http://www.roshi.biz/  (17th March 2017)

Anna Tabbush (Folk singer) http://www.annatabbush.com/ (12th of May 2017)

Sarah Hutchinson – Heart Flow Yoga (16th of June 2017)

Nikki Marianna Hope – Shamanic Journeying (21st of July 2017)

Shirley x

Our womens circle is based at the Events Yurt, Night Pastures in Fernhurst, GU27 3NH

To book a place email: