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Hypno Babyo DipHB(KG)

The Complete Birth Preparation

Practicing hypnobirthing techniques enabled me to have a beautiful, positive, empowering and even enjoyable birth! I could not believe how calm I was and how much I felt in control. I literally shouted from the rooftops about it and decided in to 2012 to train as a teacher.

I trained with Katharine Graves in London. The course is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives.

Birth is one of my passions and I love teaching hypnobirthing. It always makes a difference and like anything in life the more you put into it the more you get out of it. They say training for the marathon is half mental and half physical, most people would never dream of not training for a marathon and giving birth is a bigger experience and just as demanding on your body and mind. Hypnobirthing is the complete package to prepare your mind and body for a positive birth experience for you, your baby and your partner.

Hypno/home birth of Oisin 2016

My Course:

The 12 hr course includes relaxation, breathing, visualisations and massage techniques. You will learn to understand the birth process and hormones, be informed about your birth rights so that you can make informed decisions that are best for you and baby.

Includes Katharine Graves Book, Colour & Calmness CD, course folder and handouts, techniques above and ongoing support.

Private one to one in your home or mine £400.00 / Yurt group courses £310.00 / Small group classes in your home with friends £300 per couple and host receives a 20% discount.

Areas I cover: Surrey / West Sussex / Hampshire

“We used Shirley and Babyo Birth Relaxation as our hypnobirth teacher in preparation for the arrival of our first baby. Shirley was amazing! With tea and cake, in the comfort of our own home, she taught us everything in a brilliant, logical and relaxed way and without doubt made our home birth experience (and the unplanned hospital transfer) fearless, exciting and completely understood. No matter how much other research, NCT classes or friendly advice given, Shirley and her hypnobirthing was far and away the biggest help in preparing us to manage the unknown journey facing us! Having done it once and been rewarded with a wonderful, healthy wee boy, we wouldn’t consider having a second baby without Shirley’s help again.” Misha & Woody 2015

Woody 0275


* * * * * NEW FOR 2016 * * * * *

Small group Hypno Babyo HypnoBirthing classes in a Yurt

For 4 – 5 couples, 12 hr course over two Saturdays or five 2.5 hr sessions held weekly on a weekday evening includes Katharine Graves book & CD / handouts / relaxation, breathing, massage techniques / birth rights / birth expectations / birth companion support / on going suppport

£310 10am – 5pm includes lunch, refreshments and homemade cakes.



I can honestly say that Joseph’s birth was the most miraculous and empowering experience of my life.

– Carli Minchin, Surbiton, baby Joseph born 25th December 2012

Thank you so much Shirley for all your expert advice and kindness. We really enjoyed the course so much, it has put a completely new positive spin on birthing and I am now looking forward to it rather than dreading it.

– Barbara Fiennes, June 2013 1st time mum, Wandsworth

The course put me in a very positive frame of mind about the birth which I think is very important. I think my little girl is a calm baby because of her entrance into the world. So the course was really worth it.

Ps. Only Gas and Air – thank you for all your help!

– Jennie Webb, 2nd time mum Surbiton, April 2013

After we finished the course, instead of feeling apprehensive, I felt confident and empowered, with a strong appreciation of the importance of my role.

Both my wife and I are very glad we completed the hypnobirthing course with Shirley. We feel both equipped and encouraged, and we are very clear about our chosen birth plan and what it involves.

– Eden, 2014

Thank you so, so much for all your help throughout my whole pregnancy and birth. You helped us more than you can imagine and even when things got tough, we felt in control and we ultimately got the birth we wanted. You went above and beyond and we are eternally grateful

– Sarah, Nathan & Merlin, 1st time mum home birth 2015

Shirley Stump is a member of the HypnoBirthing Association and insured under Holistic Insurance.

I live in West Sussex and we have three daughters. I practiced Hypnobirthing myself and have been teaching since 2012.

Useful links:

The HypnoBirthing Association

Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services

Support Facebook page for people interested in Hypnobirthing

Hypno Babyo Facebook page

KG Hypnobirthing Water Ripples Visualisation for Dilating and Second Stage

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