Closing the Bones Abdominal Massage


Closing the Bones is a traditional massage passed Dr Rocio Alarcόn G from Equador shared to teachers in the UK but many places around the world do a similar massage.

It is a wonderful and deeply nourishing massage focusing on the abdomen and hips. Traditionally women would receive it during the postnatal period following birth. Our hips open during the birth process and so this massage can help close bring them back.

Other physical benefits are releasing any tension and stagnant energy in the body, helping move the bladder and uterus back into their pre-pregnant position and stimulates a good blood circulation which helps with our immune system.

Women often describe the emotional and spiritual benefits to experiencing CTB, how it brings her back to her centre, releases what she doesn’t need, a sense of being put back together. Leaving her feeling deeply relaxed, nurtured, empowered and stronger.

It can be beneficial for women at all ages and stages of their life. It can be very nurturing for women who experience a miscarriage, still born, abortion, hysterectomy or who suffer from anxiety, trauma and stress.

Postnatal ritual/ceremony involves massage and being wrapped. Relaxing, powerful and healing. Various treatments can be incorporated in such as Reiki, Sound Healing, Sound Relaxation and Guided Visualisations. A wonderful gift for a new mother!!!

The treatment is 2 hrs and costs £100

“I loved the massage and being all wrapped up…that was heaven. I really liked the Reiki I got a definite tingling when you were working over my core. I found the whole experience quite ritualistic which was really healing. It’s also just dawned on me that I’ve not had anyone touch me skin to skin around my core in a nonmedical way since the miscarriage. I found it incredibly caring and nurturing.”


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