Hipping / Cerada aka Closing the Bones Ceremony & Massage


Hipping / Cerada is a traditional ceremony and massage passed from Dr Rocío Alarcón’s ancestors to her from Ecuador and Rocío teaches in the UK but many places around the world do a similar massage.

It is a Shamanic practice, a truly wonderful and deeply nourishing massage focusing on the abdomen and hips. Traditionally women would receive it during the postnatal period following birth. Our hips open during the birth process and so this massage can help close bring them back.

Other physical benefits are releasing any tension and stagnant energy in the body, helping move the bladder and uterus back into their pre-pregnant position and stimulates a good blood circulation which helps with our immune system.

Women often describe the emotional and spiritual benefits, how it brings her back to her centre, releases what she doesn’t need, a sense of being put back together. Leaving her feeling deeply relaxed, nurtured, empowered and stronger.

It can be beneficial for women at all ages and stages of their life. It can be very nurturing for women who experience a miscarriage, still born, abortion, hysterectomy or who suffer from anxiety, trauma and stress.

Postnatal ritual/ceremony involves massage and being wrapped. Relaxing, powerful and healing. Various treatments can be incorporated in such as Reiki, Sound Healing, Sound Relaxation and Guided Visualisations. A wonderful gift for a new mother!!!

The treatment is 2 hrs and costs £100

“I loved the massage and being all wrapped up…that was heaven. I really liked the Reiki I got a definite tingling when you were working over my core. I found the whole experience quite ritualistic which was really healing. It’s also just dawned on me that I’ve not had anyone touch me skin to skin around my core in a nonmedical way since the miscarriage. I found it incredibly caring and nurturing.”

“I just had a Closing The Bones massage from Shirley, which included sound healing. It was a wonderful experience; Shirley had thought of everything and turned my living room into a little haven of calm and tranquility (quite a feat with my daughters’ toys scattered everywhere!). I feel like a new woman! Thank you so much, Shirley ~ you are truly gifted in enriching peoples’ lives, in all kinds of beautiful ways! C x”

“My latest session I have experienced with Shirley has been sound healing which followed on from a closing of the bones. It was the most effective form of relaxation I had ever experienced. I didn’t think I had the ability to meditate, but I really found the sounds of the instruments helpful in transporting me there. After having two babies, and neglecting myself for a long while, it felt amazing to have my whole body supported tightly and being held firmly in place with scarves. I felt nurtured. The sounds helped my mind to block out other thoughts, and every part of my body succumbed to relaxation. The session helped me to identify parts of my body that were knotted. I hadn’t realised how tense and heavy I felt prior! I have also had the privilege of being guided in pregnancy with Shirley’s hypnobirthing sessions. Her knowledge and ideas inspired me so much that I decided to have a baby at home (twice). I can’t recommend her services enough.”

“Shirley’s sound healing sessions are immensely powerful. I have experienced deep relaxation, leaving me feel calm and held. There have been big shifts, like a clearing of energies that no longer served me.
I also had a “closing of the bones” session and it has been a profound experience. Of being held and rocked – it touches something deeply embedded in our nervous system – giving an embodied experience of feeling safe and held.
Shirley has a beautiful presence, is gentle and very attuned. She always explains at the beginning of the session what will happen, is open for question.”

Update May 2019

I felt very privileged to be have updated my knowledge with the wonderful Rocío Alarcón last month.

This is a life long learning process and anyone offering this beautiful treatment should be committed to continue their learning and learn through an original source such as Rocío Alarcón.

This is a Shamanic practice so important to learn from the source, training with an experienced indigenous Curandera, Healer or Midwife. Respecting the ancestral roots and committing to learning and developing your skills honouring this precious work that has been passed down generations.


Piece on Hipping / Cerada By Eva Bay Doula