Since I trained as a Lifemusic Practitioner in 2014 I have adopted the Lifemusic principles in all areas of my work. My approach is to include and empower and for people to take ownership of their experiences.

“Experiencing music through the voice, body and external sounds lights your soul and connects you to others around you. Being part of that makes you “feel” and that is why I love the Lifemusic approach to music… it just makes sense. Everyone has the right to experience and enjoy music, we all have the ability to experience and enjoy music and Lifemusic enables that to happen.”

If you love music and play music you will enjoy Lifemusic!
If you love music but think you can’t play you will enjoy Lifemusic!
If you love music but feel you are not musical you will enjoy Lifemusic!

It is for everyone!


“Lifemusic provides creative music-making sessions for all in a non-judgemental, inclusive and enjoyable atmosphere.

Put very simply, Lifemusic believes that –
◊ Everyone is musical
◊ There are no wrong notes in music
◊ Every sound has a meaning
◊ Making music is an act of trust

Using a wide variety of simple instruments, participants create entirely original pieces of music based upon ideas, images, stories and feelings.

Lifemusic is designed to promote well-being, enhance relationships, enrich lives and strengthen communities. It can be used by both musically trained and untrained individuals.”

The above words are taken from the Lifemusic website