Nursery Settings

Yo Baby holds session at preschool nurseries for ages 2yrs -5yrs.

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See below testimonials from nurseries:

Sarah Marston, Manager at Milland Valley Nursery School

Shirley always gives the children such a fun time when she visits the nursery. The children are immediately drawn to the session, quickly joining in with music, movement and fun. Shirley pitches her sessions at just the right level, involving even the littlest children.Thank you Shirley!


Mel Fynn, Nursery Manager at  Childs Play Nursery

Shirley has been an invaluable member of our staff team for about four or five years now.  We first became aware of her skills when she ran a class for us as a leaving gift when her first daughter Elsie left our nursery to attend ‘Big School’.  It was so impressive and such a big hit with our children that we negotiated for her to come in and teach a music class once a week.

We have been delighted not just with the entertainment value of her classes, but also in;

  • the contribution that these classes make to our children’s all round development,
  • the astute observations that Shirley makes about the developing skills of children
  • and of her role in developing the skills, enthusiasm and confidence of our staff in running their own modified music sessions.

Shirley’s well planned programme supports our delivery of the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage), by valuing & highlighting diversity; promoting awareness of the wider community,  encouraging physical activities, learning about their bodies, demonstrating individual preferences, making decisions, and offering children opportunities to enjoy and achieve.

There are so many areas in which we have seen our children flourish with her support;

Her classes are very inclusive in meeting the needs of different age group (ours is a mixed group of children between the ages of two and five years of age), gender, English as an additional language, as well as those with speech and language delay, or communication difficulties.  She rapidly gets to know the individuals in the group and plans to meet their needs and develop their skills.  The unique opportunities that she offers for children to interact through spontaneous creative expression, is a tremendous leveller and allows equality of opportunity irrespective of musical ability, language and many physical limitations.  Whilst the opportunities she offers to explore music from other cultures raises awareness of different cultures and promotes the value of differences. Additionally, we have seen children who found ngaging in adult led activities challenging, demonstrate increased focus and begin to explore sounds creatively during her sessions.

Finally, Shirley’s classes have helped us promote many of the letters and sounds aspects; sound discrimination, rhythm & rhyme, oral blending & segmenting. Generally increasing children’s awareness, exploration and control of sounds, whilst encouraging opportunities for freedom of expression.

I cannot recommend Shirley highly enough.


Mrs Snow, Parent from Child’s Play nursery:

“Martha has been taught by Shirley for a year, she talks about her classes with such enthusiasm. She has learnt so many unique songs, which she proudly teaches to her big sister at home. Shirley really engages with the children because Martha has taken it all in. I love that Shirley gets inspiration from different cultures, Martha has come home with old folk songs, French songs, and even greetings in mandarin! Martha seems to have picked up rhythm from somewhere, and it’s not from me! One day Martha was banging out a beautiful rhythm on a couple of up turned tupperwares, and she said “Mummy, I’m Shirley!” Martha’s face lights up if we run into Shirley on the school run.



Gemma Mustoe, Principal at the Long Ditton Montessori Children’s House 

Shirley is an amazing music teacher! The children at the nursery love her and always ask “Is it Shirley day today?”. They really enjoy her class especially playing all of her world instruments,  drums and ukuleles. They also have learnt so many new songs in lots of different languages and will often go home and sing to their parents and siblings!



Cristina Hendrick, Teacher and parent of Kelly aged 4

Shirley will be dearly missed by the children and teachers alike! She has a fantastic and diverse repertoire of world music regularly bringing in different musical instruments for the children to explore as well as her own personal instruments to share with the children. My daughter loves Shirley’s music classes. Shirley kindly got her the pink ukulele she so much wanted so will always have something to remember her by. 



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