Gallery – Surbiton Leaving Party Photos

I started up Yo Baby in February 2005 and held my classes at various venues around Surbiton and local settings such as libraries, sure start centres and nurseries.  I left Surbiton in July 2013 to move to Fernhurst, West Sussex. Below are photos of our leaving party with over 130 people. Brilliant families and gorgeous children, I miss them all x


P1060026 P1060024 P1060023 P1060020 P1060015 P1060014 P1060012 P1060009 P1060006 P1060001 P1050997 P1050981 P1050972 P1050969 P1050967 P1050965 P1050960 P1050959 P1050956 P1050947 P1050944 P1050942 P1050940 P1050936 P1050937  P1050935 P1050934 P1050932 P1050929 P1050927 P1050925


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