As a Montessorri teacher and mother, I can’t recommend this class enough. Shirley creates a warm nurturing atmosphere for babies and young children to learn and experience a diverse range of instruments and rhythms related to music from all corners of the world. Shirley’s natural ability to “follow the child” promotes confidence and encourages freedom of expression. Children benefit from a well  prepared and thoughtful lesson packed with fun, culture and diversity.

Anita Cauchi




Shirley’s Yo Baby classes are just brilliant and i couldn’t recommend more highly. What I loved about Shirley’s class is how she always captivated my little boy and coaxed him to be more confident. Oh and the songs – they felt nurturing and uplifting for the mums (and occasional dads!). So no matter how sleep deprived I was I knew I would always come out a little recharged after a singalong! A huge loss for Surbiton but great gain for Fenhurst!

Lisa Lee.

My son Leon and I have really enjoyed Yo Baby since he was only a few months old. He enjoys the rhythm and beats, the songs and the instruments and he adores Shirley even more than me! She is calm and perceptive and knows how to engage the kids (and adults!). She brings sunshine into our lives even on the darkest of winter days with her Caribbean Theme for example. We can often be found singing away to Shirley’s songs in the supermarket, park, playground…and I know we will still be singing long after Shirley has gone too. If I had to describe Yo Baby in three words I would say, individual, worldly, with a spiritual feel. Enjoy!

Victoria Delgado.



When we moved to Surbiton from Shepherd’s Bush last March, I thought there would never be a music group as good as The Music House in Shepherd’s Bush. But then…I found Yo! Baby, and all was well with the world again for me and my two and a half year old son Rufus. Shirley’s class is absolute perfection: every half term she has a different world theme, where we are taken on a journey using proper instruments, unusual songs and fun dancing. My son can often be found singing Shirley’s songs, and her introduction of a violin to a class has fired up an obsession with that instrument in him. Shirley is firm with the parents, fun with the kids and fabulous all round. You are in for such a treat! We will miss you Shirley.

Julia O.


I have attended Shirley’s classes for over a year with my son and now with my baby daughter also. I love the way Shirley interacts with the children and engages them. The half termly world music themes are a lovely addition to the class. She places emphasis on turn taking and good listening so we have found it a very positive class.

Jennie Webb.

Shirley’s Yo baby music class is educational and fun. As a music teacher myself, I brought my baby boy to many different music classes. I like Shirley’s class the most. She introduced different world music and musical instruments to young children. She changes lesson plans every now and then. It’s great. I highly recommend it.

Ginger Wei.

Shirley manages to combine being a great musician with an amazing rapport with the children. Yo Baby is a fantastic class, it’s a little bit different from the normal rhyme time type experience and all the little ones (and grown ups!) seem to love it! Old favourites are combined with musical influences from all around the world, and Shirley has a fantastic range of instruments which she lets the children try out! I think this is one of the best classes I have done with my daughter, my only regret is that I didn’t discover it until my second daughter was born, and that like Shirley I have also moved and haven’t been able to find anything quite like it.

Sarah Innes.



Shirley is someone who has a natural ability to engage children of all ages and its a class that they all look forward. I take 3 children with me and shirley always makes it an enjoyable time for us all. They experience songs from all cultures and real instruments not the plastic variety. They can often be heard singing yo baby songs throughout the week.  My daughter had to have bells so she could wear them like Shirley does and named a favourite doll Shirley. 

Beccy Browne.


Yo Baby has been part of our fridays for the last 2 years. I started going when my kids were 7 months old. We found quite possibly the best pre school class out there I think! The songs are so well thought out and we love the different the term themes. A real favourite being the African one complete with drums. My kids have played almost every instrument out there but I think the drums will forever be their favourite!  I can not thank Shirley enough for teaching my two to (sometimes) sit and listen to both the music and Shirley, we have thoroughly loved every Yo Baby class.

Helen Regan


Yo baby is a unique, fun, lively class which takes you on a world music tour! Singing songs, listening to music and using instruments from around the world is so enjoyable and a breath of fresh air. I was looking for a class which is a bit different to the normal ‘wheels on the bus’ type sessions. Shirley is amazingly talented and so enthusiastic. She has so much patience for each child and isn’t afraid to be spontaneous or pause for a while to engage with something the children are fascinated with and perhaps not quite ready to stop yet! She is incredibly child centered, she really makes the classes all about them.  Shirley changes the style of music every 5/6 weeks, which keeps it fresh,but still gives you enough time to learn the songs and really get a feel for that style of music. The classes are always a good mix of familiarity and new things too! There is always a hello song, goodbye song, introducing each child by name, parachute fun(the children adore!) chill out/bubble time at the end. This is incorporated with new activities, songs, instruments etc. I think this is a brilliant combination. Shirley obviously puts a lot of time and thought into preparing the classes. 
My daughter has enjoyed the classes so much and so have I! It’s definitely the most fun, unique class we’ve done!

Tanya Neville-Towle

I have been going to Yo Baby with my daughter for the last 2 1/2 years and it is one of the highlights of our week. Anna absolutely adores Shirley who has a Pied Piper ability to engage all the children. We have really enjoyed getting to know such a wide variety of songs, phrases, dances and fabulous instruments. Surbiton’s loss is Fernhurst’s gain!

Lucy Lewis

027- Yobaby

I wanted a music class for my daughter where we would learn different songs from the usual ones I sing at home and at mums and toddlers groups as well as one that used real instruments, and Yo Baby has provided just the answer. Shirley is so engaging with the children and hugely talented musically. We learn songs and use instruments from around the world so it’s never boring. The sessions are also good at encouraging sharing and turn-waiting. I have attended with my two year old daughter for 18 months – and now my new baby tags along – and we always leave singing! Highly recommended if you are looking for a music group for your baby or toddler.

Anna Reeves


Shirley’s classes are fab! They’re fun, energetic and full of humour. Both my children love going, they’re part of our Friday routine. I would highly recommend Shirley’s classes to anyone thinking of joining Yo Baby. She’s patient, funny, consistent and loves kids. If you want your babies to learn about musical instruments, beats, sounds, movement, languages and more, this is the class for you and your kiddies.

Vanessa Mason



We have been attending Yo Baby since my daughter was 5 months old… She’s now about to turn 2yrs.
Shirley is such a wonderful and energetic person to be around, her enthusiasm for what she does is obvious and my daughters confidence has grown as has her love for music and instruments! 
Natasha Carikas



Love Yo Baby! Shirley is amazing. I have 4 children and all of them went or are going to her classes. At the moment we are going to the pay as you go classes in the YMCA and my two younger boys love it. It is amazing to see how much they have changed from the first session. They learned the songs and also quickly learned how to sit still, wait for their turn, help with tiding up etc. And they are only 2 an 1 years old! Highly recommend it – much more fun than other music classes we have tried!

Simone Gould




Yo Baby’s classes are great and both my son and I enjoy them fully. Not only it is fun, in a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere but the babies and toddlers are also learning some important skills but also waiting for their turns, tidying up….etc
My son and I both love it and definitely recommend the Yo Baby class to all the Mums.

Corrine Cannenpasse

095-Yo Baby-071011


Shirley’s classes are amazing! My boys have loved every minute at Yo Baby. They enjoy the singing, playing with the musical instruments and they watch in amazement at Shirley’s puppet shows and when she plays her drums and guitar. They love all the props and have learned songs from around the world. I would highly recommend Shirley’s brilliant classes.

Pamela Nichols

105-Yo Baby-071011




I’ve taken both my daughters to Shirley’s amazing class. My youngest has been going now for 2.5 yrs, since she was born – and her musicality seems far more advanced than my eldest who just went for one year. She loves the songs and loves Shirley too. We are always singing Shirley’s raps or little rhymes, and her tidy-up song evens works at home! Shirley also has the most amazing range of instruments and percussion bits and bobs, which the kids love playing with! I love going, as we do so much more than the traditional nursery rhymes, so its a bit more interesting for the mums as we get to learn new things too and keep our own singing up.

Celia Malins

098-Yo Baby-071011


Hi, I’ve been attending Shirley’s Yo baby class for about 6 months and loved it. I recommended it to a few friends. I like the atmosphere, the variety of music/instruments and movement, and probably most importantly I liked the way Shirley taught the class and interacted with the children and the parents. It’s an informal, fun and friendly class. Shirley is lovely and has such a good rapport with children – you can see she genuinely loves them and loves what she does. The different termly themes are great and keep the class fresh and interesting. Shirley is really talented and it’s a great way for parents and children to sample an amazing range of instruments and music from around the world.  Thanks Shirley.

Julia U.

These classes are great. I took my 4-year-old daughter to Yo Baby when she was a toddler and it was the highlight of her week so I’m back now with my second child. The classes are a good mix of traditional children’s songs and some interesting world music, within a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Shirley’s really passionate about music and a complete natural with small children – you really get the sense that she’s running the classes because she loves doing it.

Amy Benson

Wonderful, fun and friendly classes that my daughter and I both love. We have been going for over a year now and look forward to every class. The children really enjoy playing different instruments and learning songs from all around the world. Shirley is a fantastic teacher and a talented musician. The classes are a real joy and there is always a great atmosphere. Highly recommended.

Nathalie S


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