Class Description

Yo Baby classes are often described by new people as different to other preschool music classes. I introduce children to music, percussion instruments, languages and beautiful songs from around the world. Together with English songs well known or made up the children are encouraged to move and express themselves throughout the class.

034-Yo Baby-071011073-Yo Baby-071011

Lots of quality instruments are included together with fun props such as teddies, parachute and bubbles.

We start each class with the same hello and a goodbye song, this helps a child understand the beginning and end. We always warm up our voices and bodies, get to explore many of my beautiful instruments and learn many gorgeous songs from around the world.

At the end we always have time for relaxation and bubbles whilst listening to me play gentle music on my low whistle or other instrument.

Yo Baby runs during school term times, each half term the world theme changes.

During the term we learn basic greetings from that part of the world, simple songs in that language, simple rhythms, explore and play percussion related to the theme and songs in English. All lyrics and links are supplied each term and songs displayed during classes.

See below, some of the themes and examples:

Celtic, Latin, Caribbean, African, Indian, Chinese, American…

Celtic theme example:


  • Basic greetings in Gaelic
  • Counting to 10 in Gaelic
  • Irish Folk songs
  • Set dance accompanied by myself in the accordion
  • Gaelic lullaby

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