Baby Session & Toddler Session

Baby sessions: Birth to just walking 10.40am

Holding your baby close makes them feel secure and they love to hear your voice sing to them.

“Merlin loved his first Yo Baby music class today! A really engaging and beautiful class that made me feel very close to my baby. It’s gorgeous watching him enjoy something so much. Thanks Shirley xxx”
Sarah & Merlin

We sing many beautiful songs from around the world together with traditional songs. We use actions, colourful props and percussion instruments which children love to explore and this also helps to feel the music (pulse and rhythm). We will also stand and move to music with children in our arms, this helps children feel a steady pulse and experience the music even deeper.

The classes are very interactive and provide a warm environment for you to enjoy this special time with your baby. When a baby sits in the safe comfort of your lap, close to you hearing and feeling your voice singing to them and communicating with others it makes them feel secure. They will gain so much from pure enjoyment to feeling rhythm, becoming familiar with songs, learning actions, understanding structure, feeling at ease with others around them and different noise levels etc.

A music class may be the first time a mother or carer has sung in public and at first maybe a bit apprehensive. But if they just hold their child close and sing quietly to them then their child will benefit from the above. Over the weeks the mother or carer will find their own confidence growing and their child will see this and again benefit even more.

Mixed age group includes younger siblings: Walking to 4yrs+  9.30am

Joining in with your child builds their confidence.

Joining in with your child builds their confidence.

“We absolutely love this class…Shirley is engaging, warm and intuitive – she had my little one hooked from the first class.  The venue is outstanding and a privilege to be part of. I highly recommend this class, it’s worth every penny!”

Felicity & Isabelle

Like the baby class except the songs may involve more complicated actions or instructions. The children are encouraged to move throughout this class because this is how children enjoy learning, with their whole body and not just their voices. We do have time for sitting which is important for the children to relax, listen to their voices and focus on other people in the group. As the children become more aware we can develop their confidence by giving them opportunities to lead the group, playing solo’s, listening for their name to respond to songs and other fun activities. Each child will feel ready in their own time and will participate in how they feel comfortable. A safe, relaxed, fun and nurturing environment is the key to empowering a child, with no pressure just gentle encouragement.

We always end our class with a relaxation, we lay down and watch gentle bubbles float above you while I play a lullaby on my low whistle, kantele or guitar.


IMG_1929  IMG_1938

“I started Yo Baby with my relatively shy/reticent in groups 2 ½ year old last year. It’s been really great for him and I have had a lot of fun too. Shirley is a kind, tuned-in, personable teacher who goes to great effort to bond with her students and provide a perfectly pitched music session each week. She is very knowledgeable not only about music and world cultures, but also about child development and the acquisition of music skills. My son feels safe and unpressured in the classes and the music skills are gradually sinking in. At home he sings some of the Spanish, Caribbean and English songs. He asks lots of questions about the regions and languages that we sing about, which leads us to explore geography and culture. The wide range of exciting instruments that Shirley produces and allows them to investigate has ignited a real passion for instruments and the noises they make as well as a curiosity to explore the sounds that all things produce and a creative drive to make his own instruments. He was already interested in drumming but during Shirley’s class has mastered the two drum rhythm’s that we have learnt from Latin and Caribbean music – which I think is quite impressive for a 3 year old! He has developed a sweet bond with Shirley and enthuses to family each week about the class and what he has learnt. I would highly recommend this intimate, personal, unique class in it’s beautiful yurt setting”

Saul Frankland & Saul


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